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OC’s Wildest Waterpark Adventure

Splash Mountain

Welcome to Splash Mountain! Jolly Roger’s® Splash Mountain has slides to test even the bravest member of your family. Experience the thrill of being shot uphill amidst a torrent of water on the Master Blaster water roller coaster, test your nerves while flying up and down the sides of Stealth, the park’s 45-foot tall half-pipe slide, or dare to test your nerves in the Aqualoop. Try your hand at river rafting on the Rapids Ride or slip and slide your way through the darkness of the Black Hole. For the little ones, Splash Mountain is home to three Kiddie Pools, the Lazy Lagoon Family Activity Pool, and the ever popular family favorite, the Rain Forest!

Kids On Slide in waterpark
An Ocean City Tradition Since 1964

Featured Attractions

The Splash Mountain Mermaids

The Splash Mountain Mermaids swim around in the Kiddie Pirate Ship Pool area, handing out temporary tattoos to children and decorating their faces with glitter. It’s truly something magical to behold. For the summer season, the mermaids will be at Splash Mountain Water Park every Wednesday – Sunday from 12-2pm.

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Hailed as the #1 water slide in the country by Popular Mechanics, the Aqualoop is the only one of its kind on the East Coast, and it’s located right here at Jolly Roger Splash Mountain! The state-of-the-art enclosed 360º semi-transparent looping water slide begins with an anxiety-ridden countdown before the trap door opens and sends you plummeting down feet-first – Wile E. Coyote style – 480 feet before splashing into the water below!

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Are you ready to take on Splash Mountain’s first, extreme water slide?! The half pipe slide with its 45-foot tall vertical ramp will give you the adrenaline pumping thrill of being shot uphill into the sky! Single or double tubes are available.

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Eye of the Hurricane

Grab your tube and be prepared to enter the Eye of the Hurricane! Round and round (and round) you’ll go as the hurricane sucks you in and spits you right back out! Hold on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride! Double tubes only.

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Master Blaster

It’s Splash Mountain’s famous water roller coaster! This one is for double tubes only – but single riders are allowed – which means double the fun and double the speed as you fly down this high-speed slide. The Master Blaster is the park’s first water slide to go uphill! Hold on tight!

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Rain Forest Play Area

The ultimate treehouse, complete with slides, rope walks, and plenty of water guns! Walk, climb, or slide your way around the passageways of this massive treehouse – it’s a dream come true for any band of shipwrecked voyagers. Battle other adventurers with water guns, water wheels, and more, but BEWARE, the pirate perched high above has been known to unleash a tidal wave of water, completely soaking everyone in its path!

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Wave Pool

One could easily spend their entire day at Splash Mountain enjoying the fun of our massive Wave Pool! Body surf, duck under the crashing waves, and swim the day away in the epic Wave Pool. It’s all the fun of the ocean… minus the salt water and sharks! Enjoy your ride on top of the water in a see-through tube.

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