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Rainforest Slides

A blue, green and red set of water slides leading into a pool

Rainforest Slides Information

The ultimate treehouse, complete with slides, rope walks, and plenty of water guns! Walk, climb, or slide your way around the passageways of this massive treehouse – it’s a dream come true for any band of shipwrecked voyagers. Battle other adventurers with water guns, water wheels, and more, but BEWARE, the pirate perched high above has been known to unleash a tidal wave of water, completely soaking everyone in its path!

Depth: 4ft
Height Requirement: 42"
Restrictions: Must wear life vest if under 48"

Rainforest Slides Gallery

  • 3 Water Slides leading into a large pool
  • People waiting at the bottom of a water slide
  • A watery play zone with numerous attractions
  • Large tents over dozens of chairs and people relaxing
  • An aerial view of Splash Mountain with water slides and pools