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6 Lane Speed Slide

A long shot of the 6 lane speed slide, showing off the full length

6 Lane Speed Slide Information

It’s a classic water park favorite, pitting you against friends, family and even strangers, as you race to the finish! The six-lane slide provides smooth, fast-paced fun as you race to the end. You’ll find yourself racing your way down this super slide over and over again!

Depth: None
Height Requirement: 42"
Weight Requirement: less than 250lbs recommended

6 Lane Speed Slide Gallery

  • Multiple water slides and pools next to the 6 lane speed water slide
  • A 6 lane water slide over a lazy river
  • A tubed waterslide over the 6 lane speed water slides
  • The end of 6 colored water slides with people in the water
  • A 6 lane water slide with 3 people going down
  • People going down 6 colored lanes of water slides